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NetFlorist are by far the best known online Flower and Gift Shop.



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Mochachos Outlet: Gauteng
Selling Price:
R1 350 000

Mocachos fast food outlet for sale: Gauteng.

Mr Video Store: Western Cape
Selling Price:
R200 000

Franchised Mr Video store for sale: Western Cape

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Min Investment:
R500 000

iBurst provides high-speed connectivity for corporate or home needs

Min Investment:
R1,250 000

Steers is South Africa's leading flame-grilled burger brand.

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Baking and Catering

Wholesaler of baking and catering products in South Africa.

Price’s Candles
Crafts + Décor

Maker of a sophisticated high quality decorative candles.

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Min Investment:
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Sportron is a direct seller of health and nutritional supplements

Miglio Designer Jewellery
Min Investment:
Contact Direct Seller

Miglio is a direct seller of beautiful designer jewellery

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