Direct mail is one of the most-well used marketing techniques for small businesses. But what is direct mail, exactly?

Direct Mail is any communication sent directly to a consumer or potential consumer with the intention of selling them a product or service.  Traditionally, direct mail is addressed and sent via the post to a single recipient. However, unaddressed door-to-door drops can also fall into this marketing category. Nowadays, direct mail can also be sent electronically.

A Direct Mail Campaign Consists of:

  • A mailing list – for example, a database of your customers
  • A direct mail pack – containing an offer, a call-to-action and a response channel, together with details on how to respond. The outer envelope of the direct mail pack often contains teaser copy which encourages a recipient to open it. Inside is a personalised letter, a brochure detailing products and services, and a response device (for example, a postcard which a recipient can post back).