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Getting an Internet Connection

Having access to the Internet is essential in business these days and there are many competing services out there. Types of Internet Connection Dial-up accounts are not that common these days but are still available and allow users to connect their... Read More >

Data backups 101: What, how, when?

Solutions for backing up and storing data safely Things have moved on since the days when business was done mainly on paper and the only things you had to worry about were book worms and fire. These days, with your precious information stored as... Read More >

7 Biggest Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The art of selling is an intricate process, a bit like a tightrope walker maintaining his balance so that he makes it to the end of the wire without falling. One false step and you are going to lose the sale. As a salesperson you need to maintain... Read More >

The Difference Between Product Mark-up and Profit Margins

Calculating product mark-ups and profit margins can be confusing at first because both calculations contain numbers that relate to profit. Sometimes business owners even use the terms interchangeably, not realising that they are in fact different... Read More >

How to set up a sales commission structure

Develop a successful sales commission strategy One of the biggest challenges a company can face is developing an effective compensation strategy or commission structure for its salespeople. Get it wrong and you chase away your best performers, or... Read More >

Another Seven Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Before launching your viral marketing campaign and hoping for the best, take a look at these seven successful viral marketing campaigns first.  These viral marketing campaigns had several good things going for them; and a few things that could have... Read More >

Seven Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral marketing campaigns are either memorable or instantly forgettable.  What defines the success or failure of a viral marketing campaign?  In short, it is the ability of a campaign to go viral, to grow in momentum and get the message out... Read More >

Hiring Telemarketers for your Telemarketing Business

Telemarketing is not a job for the Average Joe. Calling strangers who are, at best, friendly but busy or, at worst, hostile, and trying to persuade them to invest in your product or service, is a task that takes most people way out of their comfort... Read More >

Telemarketing Lead Generation:

How to Find Qualified Telemarketing Leads You’ve ticked all the boxes: Excellent product or service? Check. Corporate image and logo? Check. Team of excellent telemarketers? Check. Logistics in place? Check. Admin issues sorted? Check. You’re... Read More >

Five ways to maximise the response of a direct mail marketing campaign

So you’ve decided that Direct Mail is the right way to sell your particular product and service, you’ve come up with a mail pack and you’ve allocated a budget…  But before you hit print, here are 5 hot tips to make sure your mailing... Read More >

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