If you’re an entrepreneur launching a startup, then you know just too well how stretched finances are in the very beginning – yes, you know that you need to invest in marketing promotions and branding but, alas, you don’t have the cash to do it and, no, hiring an ace marketing agency is completely out of the question.

Thank heavens for startup saviours, Bubble Creative! They’ve come up with an ingenious business idea to help startups kick off their branding and promo campaigns without spending a fortune in a big-shot marketing agency…

What is Bubble Creative?

Bubble Creative is a UK marketing agency, focusing on corporate identity, graphic design and web development. Recognising a market need for products and services aimed at small business owners, Bubble Creative has developed a business idea aimed exclusively at emerging entrepreneurs – Bubble Creative Startup Packages.

What’s in a Bubble Creative Startup Package?

Says Bubble Creative’s co-founder Terry Kendhammer, they remember just what it was like setting up in business. That’s why they’re eager to give other entrepreneurs a break. They insist that, even through money’s tight, small businesses should start as they mean to go on – which means establishing a strong corporate identity early on. Bubble Creative Startup Packages offer small business owners the essential elements – logo design, a stationery package, a website and social media branding.

But that’s not all – startup customers also have access to a monthly payment plan, bringing a first-class marketing promotions campaign closer within reach. Now, how’s that for a truly nice business idea? If only some savvy entrepreneur would implement a business idea like this one for South African startups on a shoestring

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Bubble Creative
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