Collecting artwork is a hobby for the rich and famous, we hear you say. Not anymore, it isn’t. Two New York entrepreneurs, Alexis Tron and Scott Carleton, are working a wonderful business idea which is making art collection accessible to the rest of us, and giving up-and-coming artists a shot at the big time in the process…

What is Artsicle?

Artsicle is a website which helps budding art collectors discover the world of art, and allows you to rent artworks to display in your home.

How Does Artsicle Work?

First, you take the quick online Artsicle quiz, which discovers your personal taste in art. Before Artsicle will reveal your personal art style, you’ll be asked to sign up, either by connecting with Artsicle on Facebook, or creating an account. Using your ‘taste profile’, Artsicle’s very own art curators will send you personalised recommendations each month. When you come across an artwork you like, it’s time to rent your art. Place your order online, and your credit card will be charged with a month’s rental. Your art rental will be renewed automatically each month, or until you decide to cancel or switch to another artwork. You need never grow bored of your art collection again!

But if you do fall in love with your chosen piece, and decide to commit, that’s alright, too – all Artsicle artworks are available for purchase. The best part of this business idea – you’ll only be charged for the balance of the selling price of the piece. How’s that for a fabulous art deal?

For more inspiration…

Art rental is an increasingly popular business idea around the globe. See:

  • Art to Rent – rents artworks of South African artists both locally and internationally
  • Rental Art Australia – provides stylish and inspiring artwork that enhances your living environment
  • Prop Art New York – original, cleared modern art for rent to homes, real estate stagings and the film industry
Image courtesy of Artsicle