Recently, Business Owl talked about the E-tailing (E-commerce) trend, which continues to boom. E-tailing is driving another global trend – it’s called the curated monthly subscription model.

What Are Curated Subscription Services?

In return for paying a monthly subscription fee, someone will put together a personalised selection of goodies for you each month – making choices based on your previous record of purchases or answers to quizzes designed to access your personal taste or style – and send it to you via the mail. These parcels or goodie boxes are known as curated boxes. The term curated consumption, as this global trend is known, takes its name from the word curator –the keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection.

Why Are Curated Subscription Services Taking Off?

Today’s consumers are faced with an avalanche of choice and online content, says consultancy firm, the Virtual Orange. This brings another challenge – consumers are experiencing an overwhelming option paralysis. So, if curators can make the choices for us, it seems we’re more than happy to pay for the service.

What Curated Subscription Services Are Out There?

Nowadays, there’s a curated subscription service for just about everything. Curators can tell you what to eat, drink, wear, read and more. Here’s just a very small selection of curated subscription services which are worth a look:

  • Foodzie – curated gourmet food tasting boxes
  • Babbabox – curated activity boxes for kids
  • Blissmobox – curated boxes of organic and eco-friendly products
  • Just the Right Book – curated book selections delivered to your door
  • Sponge – a surprise sponge cake delivered to you each month
  • Not Another Bill – subscribe and get surprise presents in the post
  • Larder Box – a curated monthly delivery of top quality food and wine
  • Joliebox – curated selection of beauty product samples
  • Lost Crates – curated crates of homeware and other designer goodies
  • Shoedazzle – fancy getting curated shoe, handbag and jewellery options selected by Kim Kardashian and her team?

Judging by the wide variety and sheer number of curated subscription services on offer, this is one global trend that’s here to stay, for a while at least…

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Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators by Steven Rosenbaum (McGraw-Hill, 2011).