You know how guys hate shopping, even for essentials like socks and jocks? Well, some clever fellow has sorted the problem, chaps – it’s called and it’s the business idea you probably wish you’d thought of…

What is

Manpacks is an online subscription service for basic essentials – socks, underwear and shaving supplies – with scheduled deliveries every three months. Men hate to shop, say entrepreneurs and founders Ken Johnson and Andrew Draper, so they don’t make them.

Manpacks takes care of the mundane, giving you more time to slay dragons and achieve your goals. The alternative, as Johnson and Draper rightly point out, is the department store [Urgh. Don’t make me].

How does work?

Go to, open an account and create your manpack – browse shirts, socks and other items, throw them in your shopping cart, check out and pay. First orders ship in three to five days, then, every three months, you’ll get a shipment reminder before your next package is due. Simply log in to your account to confirm or change your order. You can also modify, rush or delay orders on the easy-to-use dashboard. Then sit back, grab a beer and watch the football. is Girlfriend Approved

Girls, don’t waste your pretty time scouring the shops for useless gifts your man will never use. Just use the gift certificates and bundles.

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Manpacks Gents Essentials Subscription Service
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