First, there was eco-tourism. Now, carbon-neutral tourism offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money from going green. Says the New York Times, an increasing number of tourists are concerned with offsetting the carbon costs of their vacations, or by using carbon-neutral transportation on their trips.

One of the remedies suggested by UNWTO to reduce carbon emissions by the tourism industry is to encourage tourists to consider alternative means of transportation. Climate Cars, an eco-friendly taxi service in London, UK, is rising to the challenge of providing carbon-neutral transportation for tourists concerned with lessening the impact of their carbon footprint.

How does Climate Cars work?

Climate Cars boasts a fleet of Toyota Priuses – hybrid green taxi cabs with what’s considered the lowest gas emissions on the road. And that’s not all. Climate Cars is also part of the Carbon Trade Exchange, a sort of stock exchange for carbon credits, where companies trade carbon credits to offset carbon emissions.

In South Africa, The Green Cab is a carbon-neutral taxi cab company which services Cape Town and the Winelands. Alas, South Africa’s other major cities have no green taxi cabs on their streets. Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg and Durban – this could be your opportunity to start a great green business

For more inspiration…

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Green Taxi Cab Carbon Neutral Taxi Service
Image courtesy of Climate Cars