Those of us who use earphones with our iPods and smartphones know just too well how easily earphone cables work themselves into annoying tangles or disappear deep inside laptop bags or gym bags, never to be found again…or at least until the entire contents of the bag gets emptied on the floor. Entrepreneur Mark Williams has turned this familiar source of irritation into a business opportunity with his nifty Budwrap business idea

What is Budwrap?

Budwrap is a Livestrong-style silicone bracelet, into which you can tuck the earphones (earbuds in American) for your iPad or smartphone. They will never get tangled or lost again!

How Does Budwrap Work?

Slot your earphones into the Budwrap holster, wrap the cable around the silicon bracelet and tuck the ends into the tabs…et voilà.

Williams required ‘a simple product, not too expensive to manufacture and easy to ship to someone’s doorstep.’ Yet this simplicity in design took Williams a full three and a half years, consuming all his energy and passion, as he took Budwrap from a business idea to a saleable product. All the while he worked his day job; with only evenings and weekends to spend developing his beloved Budwrap.

Says Williams, thousands of people claim to have the next million dollar idea, but most fail to act on their flash of genius, instead just letting the idea linger in their head. The moral of the story? Get out there and turn that business idea into a tangible product. You know you can!

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Budwrap iPad Earphone Tidy
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