Foodies are crazy about this business idea! If you love food and you haven’t yet tried Foodspotting, you’re missing out. The brainchild of three bright food-loving, tech-hungry entrepreneurs, Alexa Andrzejewski, Ted Grubb and Soraya Darabi, Foodspotting makes sharing hot dishes easy.

What is Foodspotting?

Foodspotting is a smartphone app which helps you decide what to eat and where. It differs significantly from traditional food review or restaurant discovery tools by placing emphasis on dishes rather than eating establishments themselves.

How does Foodspotting work?

Foodspotters share photos of their favourite food, enabling Foodseekers to find the particular dish they’re craving. Foodspotters try a dish at a local eatery, take a picture and upload it to Foodspotting (called ‘Spotting it’) or add it to a Guide. Foodseekers use the application to explore what’s available in a given neighbourhood or area, can bookmark foods they want to try (‘Want it!’) and vote up foods they’ve tried and loved (‘Nom it!’).

Foodspotting is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones – to share in the fun of this fantastic foodie business idea, go to and download the Foodspotting app.

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Foodspotting Business Idea
Image courtesy of Foodspotting