Want to find out what’s happening in your city today, tomorrow or next week? Traditionally, city guides have catered to tourists and travellers, ignoring the wants and needs of local city inhabitants. Now, Londoners are being Spoonfed everything they need to know about what’s going on in their city, via an innovative online business idea.

What is Spoonfed.co.uk

Spoonfed.co.uk is an online guide to what’s happening in and around the city of London. It’s the clever business idea of entrepreneurs Alexander Will and Henry Erskine Crum.

How Does Spoonfed.co.uk Work?

Unlike many other city guide websites, which publish user-generated content, spoonfed.co.uk has an in-house editorial team. The website’s outstanding editorial is what really sets it apart from other city guides – with feature articles, news, views and interviews across various categories, like live music, arts, comedy, theatre, clubbing and alternative events. Other cool content includes Spoonfed series like ‘Top Fives of London’, ‘Cake of the Week’ and ‘Free Things to Do in London’.

Users can search the website by typing in what they’re looking for (a genre – for example, karaoke), where they wish to go out (an area, e.g. Soho) or find events by date.

Becoming a Spooner (a member of the Spoonfed community) gives you access to a whole lot more – not only are you able to create event plans and invite your friends, share your thoughts with the Spoonfed community and save and track events, but you receive personalised recommendations based on your interests, too.

The cool doesn’t stop there, though. There’s also the Spoonfed Radar App for iPhones, which answers the question, ‘What’s going on around me, now?’ By pinpointing your location, and searching for genre, the Spoonfed Radar will come up with a list of current happenings in your proximity. You need never be bored in your own city, again!

While there are online guides to cities in South Africa, we think a super-cool, engaging, interactive business idea like Spoonfed would go down very well here. What do you think?

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