Do you need to send pictures of your products to a client via email? Don’t break one of the primary rules of email etiquette by sending huge image files!

1. If you don’t have a graphics programme to re-size your images, here’s what you can do to reduce the size of images for email in Outlook 2003…

  • Open up a new email
  • Click insert file
  • Browse to the file you wish to attach > select the file by clicking on it

2. Go to ‘Attachment Options’ on the extreme right hand side of your screen > click on ‘Attachment Options’ and a drop down menu will appear.

How to attach images to email

3. Go to ‘Picture Options’ > Click on the drop down menu under ‘Select Picture Size’ > Choose whether you want to send a small, medium or large file

How to reduce images to email

  • Picture will be optimised as per your selection
  • Click ‘Send’ to send your email.

4. You can also reduce the sizes of images for email like this:

  • Browse your computer to the picture file you wish to send
  • Right click on the file

5. Select ‘Send to mail recipient’.

How to reduce images to email

6. Click on ‘Show more options.

How to reduce images to email

  • Choose whether you would like to send a small, medium or large file.
  • Your pictures will be optimised and attached to your email > Click Send.