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Revamping an Old Business Idea

Direct selling opportunities have always been highly sought after by those wishing to make money part-time, or even work at home full time. Nearly all of us remember our mothers welcoming the Avon or Tupperware ladies into our childhood homes, to... Read More >

Snap Happy

Need to find a gorgeous handbag or fabulous pair of shoes, fast? Or maybe you just want to share your newfound fashion accessories with people who care. A pair of New York entrepreneurs has rolled out a snappy business idea that could help you... Read More >

Taking a Fashion Store on Tour

Once upon a time, luxury fashion brands had it made. Nowadays, though, fashion houses have to graft hard to get cash in hand. In an attempt to grab more sales, most have opted for increasingly elaborate shows, combining multimedia presentations and... Read More >

Saving for a Rainy Day

We often feel down in the dumps when cold, wet weather sets in. Trust an entrepreneur to find a business opportunity in our universal misery! Viviane Jaeger and Emma Jane Parkes are two such entrepreneurs who are showing us how to make money from... Read More >

Why Buy, When You Can Rent?

It’s that time of year again…office parties, Christmas parties and other holiday festivities. Women the world over will be lamenting the fact that they have nothing to wear! But what if they could have access to a dream closet – a new dress... Read More >

Custom-blended Hair Colour

A report in the New York Times notes that the recession has upped sales of DIY hair colour, as women cut back on salon spending. But results from off-the-shelf box colour never quite match up to a professional salon dye job, so what’s a girl to... Read More >

Diamonds are an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Every gal wants to be a starlet strutting the red carpet, right? Well, at least on her wedding day, she does. Brides-to-be everywhere are just itching to get their hands on sparkling diamond bracelets, stunning pearl chokers or shining sapphire... Read More >

The Flash on Fashion

Says the Wall Street Journal, the global financial crisis is wreaking havoc on high-end fashion brands. With less disposable income in their pockets, consumers are not only spending less on fashion, but are also spending more time searching out... Read More >

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