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A Refreshing Business Idea?

Advertising Age reports that the average American drinks 45 gallons of soda a year – that’s big business, no wonder entrepreneurs want a slice of the pie. But how to turn a boring old beverage company business idea into something fresh and new?... Read More >

Move Over Etsy, Here Comes Foodzie!

Are you a food aficionado who struggles to find high-quality, high-end gourmet foodstuffs? Well then, this business idea caters to you! Called Foodzie, it’s a young start-up taking the world by storm… What is Foodzie? Foodzie is an online... Read More >

Sharing Favourite Foods

Foodies are crazy about this business idea! If you love food and you haven’t yet tried Foodspotting, you’re missing out. The brainchild of three bright food-loving, tech-hungry entrepreneurs, Alexa Andrzejewski, Ted Grubb and Soraya Darabi,... Read More >

Heating Up an Old Business Idea

Have cooking schools become a bit old hat? Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Abby Sturges and Jennifer Lopez (no, not the diva) certainly think so. Bored of the old routine, they’re putting a spicy spin on a tried-and-tested business idea… What is... Read More >

A Vegetarian Butcher?

More and more people are participating in Meat-Free Mondays – a global campaign initiated by former Beatle Paul McCartney, which aims to reduce the amount of meat we consume, in order to lessen our environmental impact. The campaign is taking hold... Read More >

Virtual Farmers Market

While supermarkets are convenient and cater for our every need, there’s a growing concern that we don’t know where our food actually comes from. The backlash against the mass production and distribution of food means that business opportunities... Read More >

This Business Idea Works a Treat!

Christmas is a time for giving; and for cashing in. And while you’re counting the profits of a great business idea, don’t forget to factor in birthdays, weddings and new babies. We just love to give gifts we can eat on these special occasions... Read More >

Eating Their Profits!

Despite the global recession, chocolate sales continue to soar, reports Time Magazine. And why not? Nothing lifts flagging spirits more than a bar of chocolate. The power of chocolate to melt away economic woes is well known to New York... Read More >

Money for Jam

Sometimes, a business idea comes along which bucks the trend. Jam sales may be plummeting, according to UK trade journal, The Grocer, but a young British entrepreneur is making pots of money from his sticky treats, proving that no one can really... Read More >

Healthy Snacks for Hungry Office Workers

According to a recent CBS report, almost half of office workers report weight gain since starting a desk job. It seems office workers have neither the time, nor the inclination to pack healthy lunches for work. Enter – The Phat Pasty Company... Read More >

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