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Wish You Were Here!

There’s something quite whimsical about receiving a postcard in the mail, recounting a dear friend’s escapes in some exotic location. Alas, with the advent of the digital era, postcards seem to have gone the way of the dodo. Or have they?... Read More >

Got a Sockscription Yet?

You know how guys hate shopping, even for essentials like socks and jocks? Well, some clever fellow has sorted the problem, chaps – it’s called and it’s the business idea you probably wish you’d thought of… What is... Read More >

Pinterest Takes on the Web

Time Magazine named it one of the 50 best websites of 2011, and it’s now considered one of the Top Ten Social Media Sites. It’s not Facebook, nor Twitter; but a business idea conceived by entrepreneurs Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann which has... Read More >

Art for Rent

Collecting artwork is a hobby for the rich and famous, we hear you say. Not anymore, it isn’t. Two New York entrepreneurs, Alexis Tron and Scott Carleton, are working a wonderful business idea which is making art collection accessible to the rest... Read More >

Boom, Boom, Shake the Room

The internet has changed many things, including the way in which music is produced, shared, bought and sold. While Baby Boomers and Generation Xers still pop into music stores to buy CDs, Millenials prefer to get music online. Capitalising on this... Read More >

Keeping it Tidy

Those of us who use earphones with our iPods and smartphones know just too well how easily earphone cables work themselves into annoying tangles or disappear deep inside laptop bags or gym bags, never to be found again…or at least until the entire... Read More >

Spoonfeeding City Dwellers

Want to find out what’s happening in your city today, tomorrow or next week? Traditionally, city guides have catered to tourists and travellers, ignoring the wants and needs of local city inhabitants. Now, Londoners are being Spoonfed everything... Read More >

A Novel Business Idea

Bookworms know it’s hard to find independent booksellers providing book lovers with alternative book choices and personalised service anymore. That quaint little ol’ bookshop on the corner has been hounded out of business by the big bookstore... Read More >

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