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Wheeling and Dealing

Your car is idle 90% of the time, so why not make some money from renting it, asks Forbes Magazine. With rising gasoline prices and other recessionary constraints, carpooling is a growing phenomenon in the United States. One interesting business... Read More >

Making a Business Out of Co-Working

As entrepreneurs well know, starting a business can burn cash faster than initially anticipated, which is why we’re always watching our wallets. Renting office space can be considerably expensive; one of the reasons working from home is popular... Read More >

Need to Get Around?

Did you know that we use our cars a mere 8% of the time? This, despite investing huge sums of money in these assets. GetAround founders – young entrepreneurs Sam Zaid, Elliot Kroo and Jessica Scorpio – have uncovered a business opportunity in... Read More >

A Business Idea in a Box

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve plonked bored children in front of the telly on more than one occasion, just to get them out of your hair. But what if there was another, more educational and engaging way to keep them entertained? There... Read More >


Tired of hiring unreliable teenage babysitters? Rent-a-Grandma is a business idea which will appeal to you. Former Los Angeles teacher Todd Pliss came up with this novel business idea after hearing about the difficulties the parents of his students... Read More >

High Flying Business Idea for Travellers

If you’re a frequent flyer, no doubt you’re all too familiar with the headache of carrying toiletries – like shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste – in your hand luggage. Items not conforming to strict airline regulations are ruthlessly... Read More >

Hire Someone to be Your Minion!

Hoorah for clever entrepreneurs! They can transform a mundane dilemma (like not having enough hours in the day to get through your to-do list) and turn it into a business idea which provides a much-needed solution (hire someone else to do the grunt... Read More >

A New Way to Fund and Follow Creativity

Every now and then, a truly phenomenal business idea comes along – something awesome, edgy, inspiring, uplifting. And if that something happens to be a business idea which actually helps kickstart other business ideas, then that’s something... Read More >

Holiday Hangover Help at Hand

Holiday season is in full swing, with parties aplenty and, while parties are a blast, who feels like cleaning up the mess the morning after, particularly when nursing a sore head? Marc Simons and Alex Vere-Nicholl are two young entrepreneurs who are... Read More >

Will This Business Idea Take Off?

It’s reported that 18 million passengers pass through South Africa’s airports each year. While it’s a huge number, air travel remains the preserve of the (relatively) wealthy passenger. Many millions of South Africans, part of the migratory... Read More >

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