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This Message Will Self-Destruct…

Need to send a top-secret, anonymous message to someone that leaves no trace? This intriguing business idea by tech geek and entrepreneur Jacob Robbins gives you the chance to indulge your inner super-spy. Your mission, if you choose to accept it,... Read More >

Giving Old PCs a New Lease on Life

Have you thought about the tons of old computers which get scrapped each year? Neverware founder, Jonathan Hefter certainly has. The New York entrepreneur is developing a ground-breaking business idea which not only tackles the problem of IT waste,... Read More >

A Clever or Creepy Business Idea?

Says American news channel, CBS News, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was worth some $6 billion. As a pioneer of the digital age, Jobs no doubt had extensive digital assets – including websites, bank accounts, online investments, blogs, iTunes and... Read More >

Online Number Crunchers

Startups and established small businesses alike need accounting officers and bookkeepers to develop and maintain their accounting procedures, manage their accounts and keep proper accounting records, both to comply with relevant legislation and to... Read More >

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