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Creating a slogan for your business in five easy steps

A slogan is a short, catchy phrase, which defines your brand, emphasises its brand positiong, and is used to promote brand recall in your target market. In short, it’s a catchy way to enhance your brand image. Slogans aren’t just for big brand... Read More >

What is Branding?

If you’re unsure of the concept of branding and frequently ask yourself, ‘What is a brand? – don’t despair! A great many businesspeople still have difficulty in coming to grips with branding too! Some equate branding with advertising, public... Read More >

South Africa’s Top Five Most Valuable Brands

The news that massive multinational brand Walmart is poised to enter the South African marketplace is big news. Other global brands with a South African presence – like Coca Cola and KFC – have had to adopt a local flavour to be successful here.... Read More >

Seven Branding Tips for your Small Business

Everything an organization does or doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say, takes note of or ignores, becomes part of its brand. And while companies go to great lengths to develop a positive brand image, it’s also possible to have a neutral brand... Read More >

World’s Top Ten Most Valuable Brands

It’s estimated that some 10 000 new brands are created daily. For a brand to endure and maintain brand equity is hard work – just ask General Electric and Toyota. American brand General Electric, who manufactured the nuclear reactor at... Read More >

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