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What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Company

As a Cape Town business owner, you naturally want to raise awareness of your brand, services, and goods in a bid to increase success. One of the most effective ways to do this these days is online, as digital marketing has become a crucial part of... Read More >

Another Seven Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Before launching your viral marketing campaign and hoping for the best, take a look at these seven successful viral marketing campaigns first.  These viral marketing campaigns had several good things going for them; and a few things that could have... Read More >

Seven Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral marketing campaigns are either memorable or instantly forgettable.  What defines the success or failure of a viral marketing campaign?  In short, it is the ability of a campaign to go viral, to grow in momentum and get the message out... Read More >

Hiring Telemarketers for your Telemarketing Business

Telemarketing is not a job for the Average Joe. Calling strangers who are, at best, friendly but busy or, at worst, hostile, and trying to persuade them to invest in your product or service, is a task that takes most people way out of their comfort... Read More >

Telemarketing Lead Generation:

How to Find Qualified Telemarketing Leads You’ve ticked all the boxes: Excellent product or service? Check. Corporate image and logo? Check. Team of excellent telemarketers? Check. Logistics in place? Check. Admin issues sorted? Check. You’re... Read More >

Six Components of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Circa 1984, baby food manufacturer Gerber decided to branch out their products to areas such as France and Africa. To Gerber’s surprise, sales were dismal due to unfavourable reception by consumers. What was causing this negative response?... Read More >

Tight Budget? Try these 9 Free and Effective Marketing Ideas

Creating awareness of your product or service – that is, marketing your business– is your first step towards business success. And with competition fierce and consumer spending down, an effective marketing strategy is crucial to your... Read More >

101 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Small businesses or companies on a tight budget cannot afford to pour money into huge advertising campaigns for television and radio, but they are still trying to win their share of the market with methods that do not demand a bulging bank account... Read More >

7 Common Marketing Mistakes

Mangled messages – Avoid these promotional pitfalls There are very few products or services which can claim to be so unique, exciting or in demand that they ‘sell’ themselves. So, for businesses of any size, having a good marketing... Read More >

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