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7 Biggest Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The art of selling is an intricate process, a bit like a tightrope walker maintaining his balance so that he makes it to the end of the wire without falling. One false step and you are going to lose the sale. As a salesperson you need to maintain... Read More >

The Difference Between Product Mark-up and Profit Margins

Calculating product mark-ups and profit margins can be confusing at first because both calculations contain numbers that relate to profit. Sometimes business owners even use the terms interchangeably, not realising that they are in fact different... Read More >

How to set up a sales commission structure

Develop a successful sales commission strategy One of the biggest challenges a company can face is developing an effective compensation strategy or commission structure for its salespeople. Get it wrong and you chase away your best performers, or... Read More >

Six Effective Networking Tips

How to network and help your business grow Networking is one of the most targeted and cost-effective ways of marketing your company, making useful contacts and generating sales leads. Think about it: No expensive hit-or-miss ad campaigns; no... Read More >

7 Foolproof Sales Tips

Sales Tips and Techniques to Boost your Career When economic times are hard, only the best salespeople survive and thrive. Use these sales tips to give yourself an advantage. 1.) Be Polite and Likeable Don’t think the best salespeople are loud,... Read More >

How to Create a Highly Successful Sales Force

Build a winning sales team that’s the envy of the industry Top sales teams don’t just ‘happen’, they’re the result of careful planning, training and motivation on the part of management. Use these strategies to build a highly successful... Read More >

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