The US Department of Labor estimates that building cleaning in America is a $46 billion industry. With service providers a dime a dozen, a cleaning company has to do something extraordinary to grab a slice of the pie. Hats off to the Men in Kilts for taking a run-of-the-mill business idea, and giving it a clever, cheeky twist…

Who are the Men in Kilts?

Men in Kilts is a Canadian residential and commercial window cleaning company. Nothing remarkable about this business idea so far…until you spot strapping lads squeegee-ing windows and clearing gutters dressed in traditional Scottish kilts. That’s got to be worth a second look!

This is, of course, what founder Nicholas Brand is counting on. Men in kilts cleaning windows is a fantastic marketing ploy, as are big, green tartan vans…bound to get you noticed as you go about your business. In fact, unusual attire and branded vehicles has not only earned Men in Kilts enquiries from curious onlookers, but loads of press coverage, as well.

Novelty factor aside, Men in Kilts offers quality cleaning services at reasonable prices, with a green commitment to boot. From a small business with starting capital of just $500 dollars and one van, Men in Kilts has grown into a franchise business with locations across Canada and America – which just goes to show, cleaning buildings can be both good business and good, clean fun. Just remember…no peeking!

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Men in Kilts Building Cleaning
Image courtesy of Men in Kilts