Advertising Age reports that the average American drinks 45 gallons of soda a year – that’s big business, no wonder entrepreneurs want a slice of the pie. But how to turn a boring old beverage company business idea into something fresh and new? Enter uFlavor – serving up soda on demand!

What is uFlavor?

uFlavor is no ordinary beverage company. Instead of mass-producing a selection of beverages, the clever young entrepreneurs behind uFlavor have developed a smart software/hardware platform which can deliver custom-designed soda drinks through vending machines capable, say the entrepreneurs, of producing any drink on demand. Just as Amazon changed the publishing industry, these entrepreneurs believe their business idea will change the food and beverage industry.

How does uFlavor work?

You need to join uFlavor first, so login to the website and sign up. Then, mix your own soda by choosing from the 42 available ingredients. Design your own soda bottle label and there you have it – a custom-mixed soda drink in unique packaging will be delivered to your door for you to taste and enjoy (or not – we bet there are a load of not-so-great tasting sodas on the site!).

In the very near future, the uFlavor team hopes to be able to supply vending machines to customers to mix their sodas on the spot – see uFlavor’s funding efforts on Fundable.

While uFlavor hankers after ‘rebuilding the food and beverage industry from the ground up’, the jury’s out on this one. Good or bad business idea – what do you think?

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uFlavour Food and Beverage Business Idea
Image courtesy of Fast Company