After Christmas and Back-to-School, Valentine’s Day is the occasion which rakes in the most retail sales. Whether it’s fluffy bears, flowers, chocolates or a bit of bling, seems we consumers are suckers for love. A case in point – American consumers spent a heart warming $15.7 billion on Valentine’s gifts last year. And the most popular gift option? Valentine’s greeting cards, which accounted for over 50% of all Valentine’s-related sales. It makes sense that a business idea hinged on Valentine’s cards could do very nicely indeed. It’s certainly working out for Lotus Art Studio.

What is Lotus Art Studio?

Lotus Art Studio is a UK independent designer and producer of handmade greeting cards for special occasions (engagements, weddings, christenings etc.) and handmade seasonal cards, including Valentine’s cards.

Featuring stylish, elegant designs and the finest materials, Lotus Art Studio offers customers greeting cards which are entirely unique and out-of-the-ordinary. Each card is made from scratch, by hand, thus imbuing each one with a personal touch. Customers can choose between a standard greeting card, or splash out on a luxury card, packaged in a gift box.

For sticklers for tradition, Lotus Art Studio will also handle postage – ensuring that Valentine’s cards remain romantically anonymous.

So, if you’re a creative, artsy type looking to start a business, perhaps producing handmade greeting cards is a business idea worth exploring?

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Lotus Art Studio Valentine's Cards
Image courtesy of Lotus Art Studio