38 million plastic bottles are dumped each year in landfill sites in America alone. That’s according to sustainable living website, greenUPGRADER. Isn’t it about time we did something about this load of waste? Canadian eco-cleaning company Planet People certainly think so. Believing that we shouldn’t have to choose between a clean home and a clean planet, they’ve stepped up to the plate, developing an innovative business idea which reduces impact on the environment, appeals to eco-conscious consumers keen to support companies promoting green business ideas and is aesthetically pleasing, to boot. It’s called IQ Clean.

What is IQ Clean?

IQ Clean is a range of environmentally-friendly household cleaners. Not only does IQ Clean use environmentally sustainable ingredients, free of toxic and corrosive agents, but makes use of a novel way to reduce packaging. Explains Planet People, less packaging means less waste; fewer trucks on the road and, ultimately, a reduced carbon footprint.

Currently available in the IQ Clean range are the IQ All Purpose Cleaner; IQ Bathroom Cleaner; IQ Glass Cleaner and IQ Floor Cleaner.

What’s so smart about IQ Clean?

Central to the success of this business idea is the REFill (Reduce Environmental Footprint) Cartridge system – dinky, patented refill cartridges, just over 8cm in size.

So how does it work? You buy a starter kit, consisting of a rather cool solution spray bottle and a single-use cartridge filled with non-toxic, plant-based cleaning concentrate. Simply fill the spray bottle with tap water, pop in a cartridge, and there you have it – cleaner with a conscience. Instead of throwing away an entire bottle and buying a new one, you just replace the cartridge. Nice!

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IQ Clean Environmentally Friendly Household Cleaner
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