Tired of hiring unreliable teenage babysitters? Rent-a-Grandma is a business idea which will appeal to you. Former Los Angeles teacher Todd Pliss came up with this novel business idea after hearing about the difficulties the parents of his students had with finding good help. Rent-a-Grandma is a runaway success, with franchises opening thick and fast across the United States.

What is Rent-a-Grandma?

Rent-a-Grandma describes itself as a one-stop shop for all your domestic staffing needs. Rent-a-Grandma provides nannies, household maintenance staff, large estate maintenance staff and specialised services such as chefs, personal assistants, elderly care and pet care.

Rent-a-Grandma’s trusted domestic helpers are carefully screened, mature women who take their chores seriously – no tweeting while they’re supposed to be watching the kids.

How does Rent-a-Grandma work?

Go to the Rent-a-Grandma website, create a profile and click ‘Find a Grandma’. Then, enter your postal code and the type of help you require and browse the list of grandmas in your area. Find a nanny you like and contact them directly.

Coming soon…Rent-a-Grandpa

Rent-a-Grandma is expanding its winning business idea to include Rent-a-Grandpa– a service connecting clients looking for handy work with grandpas.

Rent a Grandma Business Idea
Image courtesy of Rent-a-Grandma