Franchise Description

Cash Converters is the world’s largest retail chain specialising in buying and selling pre-owned goods. Our stores are upmarket, well-located, modern retail outlets servicing the second-hand market – a lucrative niche. Cash Converters buyers buy in quality pre-owned merchandise from customers in their respective communities and then re-sell them at affordable prices. We also provide financial services (Cash Advance™ and Payday Advance™).

Company Background

Cash Converters was launched in Perth, Australia in 1984. Today, we have more than 600 stores in 21 countries worldwide. Cash Converters entered the South African market in 1994 and has since sold 50 franchises across South Africa.

Reasons to Join our Franchise
  1. In the midst of a recession, the second-hand goods market is booming
  2. We are the world’s most-trusted specialist in the buying and selling of second-hand goods
  3. We lend our franchisees ongoing support in the form of a qualified operations support team who offer expertise in IT, advertising and auditing.
Opportunities Available


Training and Support

Free training & support

Minimum Investment

R1,000 000

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