Franchise Description

MacDonalds is the world’s biggest burger franchise chain and, despite stiff competition from local fast food chains, is becoming a firm favourite with South African consumers, who are lovin’ it, as the jingle goes, particularly the famous MacDonalds Big Mac and fries. MacDonald’s claims that the South African market is one of its most successful, with the brand’s iconic Golden Arches steadily popping up across the land.

Company Background

McDonald’s success is built on a family-style philosophy with everyone working for a common cause - and it is a family which now stretches right around the world, with over 31,000 restaurants in 120 countries, serving food and drinks to over 44 million customers daily

Reasons to Join our Franchise
  1. You will be purchasing into a strong brand image that will attract customers.
  2. Macdonalds will offer you Local and National support in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, real estate, construction, purchasing and equipment.
  3. Join the group, with more than eighty percent of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide independently owned.
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