Franchise Description

Mugg and Bean is South Africa’s leading casual coffee shop franchise, and takes its inspiration from coffee shops found in San Francisco.  Mugg and Bean’s founder, Ben Filmalter, gave the brand its original American look and feel and introduced that very American concept, the bottomless cup of coffee, to South Africa. The first Mugg and Bean was situated at The Waterfront, Cape Town; since then Mugg and Beans have sprung up nationwide and become both a meeting place for ladies-who-lunch and a popular ‘office away from the office’ spot for South African business people.

Company Background

Their first restaurant opened in September 1996 and was an immediate hit. Franchising began in earnest two years later, with restaurants opening in Durbanville, the Cape and Johannesburg. An immediate flurry of development followed and restaurants popped up all over the country with similar success.

Reasons to Join our Franchise
  1. Be apart of Mugg & Beans marketing campaigns.
  2. Share in Mugg & Beans unique Intellectual Property, Ideas and Concepts
  3. With a history of almost sixteen years, and other restaurants in Namibia and Botswana, as well as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia they can safely say that they have found the recipe to success.
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