Franchise Description

Multisafe Security offers an innovative range of completely transparent security products, including Lexan®-ClearBars® - a see-through burglar bar made from unique thermoplastics so tough they’re certified for use in the aviation industry, and in law enforcement riot gear. Virtually unbreakable, Lexan®-ClearBars® and ClearGate – a clear, heavy-duty security gate – is barely-there burglar protection for domestic and industrial property owners who’re conscious of aesthetics. Beware of imitations!

Company Background

Entrepreneur and mechanical engineer Martin Nauta founded Multisafe Security in Cape Town in 2004. On his return to South Africa after many years abroad, he was unpleasantly surprised to find that many South African homes looked like fortresses, and recognised the need for aesthetically pleasing, elegant security solutions. To date, over 250km of ClearBars® have been successfully installed in South Africa.

Reasons to Join our Franchise
  1. A unique, competitive advantage in the market
  2. Substantial income potential in a sizeable target market
  3. Branded promotional/workshop trailer for mobile efficiency and exhibitions, shows, markets, events etc.
Opportunities Available


Training and Support

Free training & support

Minimum Investment

R100 000

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