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Price’s Candles is known as the candle that has been lighting homes for over 100 years. We are regarded as the maker of a sophisticated high quality decorative candle. Over the past couple of months the candle range has been expanded to include exquisite decorative candles and value added products. Price’s Candles is the leader in affordable candles which reflect the exacting demands made today for quality design, tradition and master craftsmanship.

Company Background

The original company, E. Price’s and Company, was founded by partners William Wilson and Benjamin Lancaster and based at Battersea in the United Kingdom. Because the two men did not wish to associate their names with an industry considered vulgar, they named the firm after some distant and presumably less sensitive aunt on Mr. Lancaster’s side.

It was during this period that they purchased the patent for the separation of solid and liquid constituents that were required as substitutes for tallow (fat) in candle making.

In 1840 the white candle is developed by using equal parts of stearic acid from tallow and the hard fat from coconut oil plus further improved by the use of a French patented plaited wick along with many more creations form this factory since its early beginnings.

Reasons to buy from us

1. Price’s Candles are a well established company with many years of customer experience.
2. Price’s Candles offer a wide range of candles.
3. Price’s Candles offer affordable pricing on all their candles.


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