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RAP are manufacturers of packaging, from food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic to industrial and chemical packaging.  RAP have a fantastic variety of glass and plastic packaging to suit any packaging requirements.

Company Background

RAP was formed in 1988 as a specialised pump company supplying SAR pumps which subsequently has become EMSAR.  The company was founded by Rino and Andrea Protti having realised the potential for a medium sized niche player in the packaging industry.  RAP have subsequently progressed to a full spectrum of primary packaging supplying the Perfumery, Cosmetics, Toiletry, Pharmaceutical, Household, Beverage and Cleaning Industry.  Rap offers a one stop shopping opportunity for all packaging required in the above industries, drawing its capabilities from both importing and locally producing products which compliment each other.

Reasons to buy from us
  1. RAP is a locally produced product.
  2. RAP has simple clean packaging that can be easily branded to suit your needs.
  3. Easily source items on the easy to use website.

Longmeadow East, Gauteng