Franchise Description

Sportwater is an affordable mini water bottling plant consisting of a filtration system, electronic control filling unit, electric capper, label applicator and wrapper. It’s an ideal franchise for entrepreneurs who wish to work from home.

Water from a public or private distribution system can be purified via reverse osmosis. The result is clean, drinkable water with a fresh taste. The Sportwater system can also be used to recycle grey water from baths and washing machines for use in irrigation.

Company Background

South African water sources are increasingly under threat of environmental pollution. Then there are vast areas of South Africa with little rainfall. Sportwater aims to make quality drinking water available to ordinary households, wherever they may be, and encourages South Africans to recycle grey water.

Reasons to Join our Franchise
  1. Capitalise on the increasing demand for green products and services
  2. We offer custom designed and locally manufactured equipment
  3. Work from home – no commercial premises needed!
Opportunities Available


Training and Support

Free training & support

Minimum Investment

R25 000

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