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Umuthi Essential Oils have always sourced essential oils for use their own products -it only makes sense that Umuthi Essential Oils have searched out only oils of the highest quality and purity. It is these very same oils that I offer to you for purchase.

Company Background

Umuthi Essential Oils sell only premium quality essential oils from ethical producers sourced from around the globe. First and foremost, Umuthi Essential Oils support local growers and producers. Essential oils not available locally are sourced from further a field. Umuthi Essential Oils are proud to report that I purchase almost all of my imported essential oils from The Essential Oil University in the United States. We make no compromises on quality. Umuthi Essential Oils never accept any oils from any country without a certificate of analysis guaranteeing the purity of each oil. All essential oil products such as the Natural Flea Control products are created exclusively by Umuthi Essential Oils and are produced in-house.

Reasons to buy from us

1.  Umuthi Essential Oils  provide on the Highest Quality products available.
2.  If you can not find a product Umuthi Essential Oils will help you source it.
3.  Umuthi Essential Oils offer competitive pricing.


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