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The Consumer Protection Act – Part I

The Consumer Protection Act – Part I: The CPA and the Business Owner This is the first in a three part series on the Consumer Protection Act. Also read Part II: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. Coming soon…‘Part III: The CPA and... Read More >

Do I have to pay staff extra for working on Public Holidays?

Extra Pay for the Holidays? The short answer is yes – you must pay franchise staff for public holidays, whether they work or not. Here’s the answer to that question in more detail… What is a Public Holiday? A public holiday is a legal holiday,... Read More >

Finding the Right Franchise Location

Business Owl’s Quick-Fire Guide You know what they say – location, location, location! When it comes to franchises, this real estate agents’ mantra rings true. Finding the Right Franchise Location of your franchise can make or break it.... Read More >

What is a Franchise Agreement?

Frequently Asked Questions about buying and selling a franchise Buying – or selling – a franchise is a big step; not least because it’s the start of a beautiful (contractual) relationship. But what if the relationship turns sour? A contract... Read More >

What’s to become of Close Corporations?

Frequently Asked Questions about Close Corporations If you’re a franchise owner operating as a close corporation, or a would-be franchise owner looking to open a new close corporation for your franchise, you need to get up to speed with the... Read More >

What is Direct Selling and How does it Work?

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Selling Are you’re looking for a work-from-home business opportunity? Direct selling may be just the ticket. Read on to find out more about what direct selling is, and how it works… What is direct selling?... Read More >

How Do I Expand my Franchise Business?

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting More Franchises The Recession has taken its toll on just about every aspect of business and, although the franchise industry has fared better than many others, growth has still been slower. If you’re... Read More >

What’s the deal with Annual Leave?

Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Leave Annual leave is important for rest and recuperation and, in the long term, it promotes productivity in the workplace. It’s so important for workers’ wellbeing, in fact, that it’s an employee’s... Read More >

How do I get funding for my business?

How to Get Business Funding: A guide to sourcing the finances you need to start or grow your business Start-ups as well as existing businesses often need funding to help them grow as they simply don’t have the cash to inject into the business... Read More >

How do I write a business plan?

How to Write a Business Plan: Create a business plan before starting your business. Starting your own business can be very stressful and sometimes we do not spend enough time on the important starting points. It is of utmost importance to have an... Read More >

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