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What is Direct Mail?

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Mail As a franchisee, your ability to market your business is governed by agreements with the franchisor. Typically, this means that national and regional franchise marketing activities are strictly regulated,... Read More >

What is a Franchise Development Plan?

Frequently Asked Questions about buying and selling a franchise You’ve done the preliminary research and taken the decision to franchise your business. Now, you need an action plan, or business plan for a franchise – this is formerly known as a... Read More >

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

Frequently Asked Questions about buying and selling a franchise Whether you’re a franchisor working to secure new franchisees, or a franchisee looking to buy into a franchise, you need to be familiar with the legal documents pertaining to buying... Read More >

Must I Pay Employee Bonsellas?

Frequently Asked Questions about Staff Bonuses Is the staff bonus issue giving you a headache? Often, employees can be of the opinion that they have a right to be paid an end-of-year bonus. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about staff... Read More >

What does “Unencumbered Cash” mean?

What does “Unencumbered Cash” mean? When a franchise or business opportunity stipulates that the minimum investment is R100 000, 50% of which should be unencumbered, it means that this should not be financed ie. it should be his or her... Read More >

What are the Worst Types of Business Opportunities?

The worst types of business opportunities are usually the ones that sound too good to be true. Beware of “get rich quick” business schemes, no matter how tempting they sound – they are usually scams. Avoid adverts that ask you to... Read More >

Should I Franchise My Business?

Should I Franchise My Business? Will my business make a good franchise opportunity? In today’s world of fierce competition and fast-paced business, franchising is proving to be an increasingly popular method of business expansion. Companies can... Read More >

5 Affordable Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Tips to promote your business on a shoestring Promoting a new business can be an expensive task but it doesn’t have to be! With a little creativity and thought you can promote your business without having to spend a fortune. Here are a couple... Read More >

The Best Type of Home-Based Business opportunities

What are the best types? When looking to get involved in a Home-Based Business, you will probably be overwhelmed with the amount of options and ideas that are out there. Choosing a home based business idea that works for you can be tough and rather... Read More >

What are MLM Business Opportunities?

MLM or multi-level marketing networks such as GNLD or Herbal Life allow members to sign up and purchase goods at a discounted price which they can then re-sell to friends//family/colleagues etc at the recommended retail price and make a profit. The... Read More >

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