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How to Identify Emerging Business Trends

Says American businessman and TV personality Dick Clark, “I don’t set trends. I just find out what they are and exploit them.” Sensible advice from a man worth an estimated $80 million! Identifying emerging business trends is fundamental to... Read More >

Seven Common Business Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Avoid These Common Business Mistakes When Starting Out If you’re a first-time entrepreneur and business owner, it’s vital to get things right first time. To establish a successful business, you’ll want to avoid making these biggest business... Read More >

Top Five Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business is a long, hard slog that’s not for the faint-hearted – long hours, unpredictable paycheques and an uncertain business environment. Why then, would anyone do it? Here are the top five reasons to start your own business…... Read More >

5 Ways to Conduct Market Research on a Budget

Small business market research is just as important as research for large multi-nationals. Every business, whatever its size, needs to minimise its risk by obtaining objective data on its customers, products, services and the marketplace in general.... Read More >

Five Essential Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business

Key points to ponder before starting a business You’ve always wanted to start a business of your own, but are unsure of the direction you should take or whether you should take the plunge at all. The following will help to clarify your decision.... Read More >

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