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College Dropouts Turned Famous Entrepreneurs

We’re all told that studying is the route to succes, but is it really? Here’s a look at some famous entrepreneurs who left college and still became successful businesspeople… Created by:... Read More >

9 South African Female Celebrity Entrepreneurs

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), South African woman entrepreneurs make up less than 5% of the country’s entrepreneur population – below the global average. We’ve got some serious catching up to do, girls! Why not glean... Read More >

11 Female Celebrity Entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it seems women need a little encouragement. Enter the female celebrity entrepreneur. According to a study conducted by women entrepreneur network, everywoman, celebrity entrepreneurs are acting as role models for... Read More >

Five Internet Entrepreneurs

They can be likened to the great railway entrepreneurs of the nineteenth century, who pioneered new technology, opened up new frontiers and changed society forever – today’s internet entrepreneurs share that same vision of the future, spirit of... Read More >

Five Celebrity Chef Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when chefs worked behind the scenes, while restauranteurs took the glory. Celebrity chefs with business acumen and a passion for food, cooking and people are showing us how to create profitable business from all things food. If... Read More >

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