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Curated Consumption

Recently, Business Owl talked about the E-tailing (E-commerce) trend, which continues to boom. E-tailing is driving another global trend – it’s called the curated monthly subscription model. What Are Curated Subscription Services? In return for... Read More >

The E-Tailing Evolution

Despite the economic recession, online retail continues to grow, reports Forrester Research. Nowadays, it’s as inconceivable for a business not to have an online shop as it is for them not to operate without cell phones. E-commerce, or e-tailing,... Read More >

Embracing Entrepreneurship

In the United States, more people became millionaires during the Great Depression than at any other time in the history of that country. Times were hard but for enterprising entrepreneurs who sought out opportunities and were prepared to take risks... Read More >

Downsize Me!

Remember when your local fast food joint used to ask you, “Do you want to supersize that order?” Sounded like a great deal back then, and just about everything went supersize – from food and beverages to fashion accessories, homes and cars.... Read More >

Baby Boomers and Business

If you thought that the money lies in the youth market, you thought wrong! An ageing population is a global trend, so you should rather be aiming your products and services at the more mature end of the market – the Baby Boomers. Here’s why…... Read More >

Let’s Get Physical

In his 1995 book Being Digital, author and columnist Nicholas Negroponte famously remarked that humanity was heading towards a future in which everything – products and services – would be digitalised. All objects made of atoms (a basic unit of... Read More >

Joining the Freelance Economy

It has been described as the most significant shift in the workplace since the industrial revolution (The Atlantic Times, The Future of Work Special Report). Although the US Department of Labour doesn’t keep accurate statistics on freelancers,... Read More >

Back to School is Cool

The Wall Street Journal cites the recession and ‘long-term structural changes in the economy’ as reasons prompting adults to go back to school. Governments the world over may be cutting back on education funding, but individuals are investing in... Read More >

Raising a Glass to the Recession

We do love a tipple; whether it’s to celebrate good times or commiserate hard times. So what better industry to be in than the alcohol industry – whether it’s boom or bust, it’s all good! What Alcohol is Selling? Even though people have less... Read More >

We Heart Furbabies

The 2010 US Census revealed an astonishing fact about American families – there are now more households with furbabies than children…43 million of them, actually. And with growing numbers of furbabies, comes a burgeoning pet industry. In fact,... Read More >

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