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How to Clear your Browser’s Cache

Is your web browser feeling a little sluggish? Perhaps it’s time to give your browser’s cache a good clear out. Clearing your internet cache periodically is essential for your web browser to function properly, saving you download time and... Read More >

How to Clear your Downloads Folder

Your computer has a Downloads Folder, where all the files you download from the internet are stored. While some tidy folk download their files straight into neatly labelled folders, or move these files to an appropriate location straight away,... Read More >

How to Install Windows Updates

To ensure that your computer operates optimally, recommends Microsoft, you should check for and install Windows updates regularly. Here’s how… How to do a manual Windows update: 1. Click the Start Button at the lower left hand side of your... Read More >

How to Create a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel 2003

Pie Charts are useful to show visually how your different products are performing in relation to one another. Here’s how to create a pie chart in Microsoft Excel 2003… 1. Open Excel 2. Create your data – for example, Porky Pie’s Pie Shop... Read More >

How to Filter Data in Microsoft Excel 2003

If you have reams of sales data to sort through or analyse, filtering data is a useful tool. You can, for example, use the filter tool to sort through columns of sales figures and display the top ten, or sort into ascending or descending order.... Read More >

How to Create an Outlook Email Signature

Email signatures are more than just a means to sign off a message; they’re an opportunity to communicate your brand message. As well as including all your contact details (name, email address, phone and fax numbers), be sure to include your... Read More >

How to Reduce the Size of Images when Sending via Email

Do you need to send pictures of your products to a client via email? Don’t break one of the primary rules of email etiquette by sending huge image files! 1. If you don’t have a graphics programme to re-size your images, here’s what you can do... Read More >

How to Format a Word Document

As a business owner, it’s important that you project a professional image at all times. This professional image must extend to your business documents, as well, which is why it’s important to make sure that they are properly set out. Here’s... Read More >

How to Attach Images to an Email

How to Attach Images to Email Do you need to send pictures of your products to a client via email? Here’s how to attach images to email in Outlook 2003:  Click on the paper clip icon just below your main toolbar Click on File Browse for the image... Read More >

How to Add a Footer and Header in Word

How to Add a Header and Footer to a Word Document Headers and Footers are not only useful, but lend a sophisticated and professional air to your Word documents…Here’s how to add headers and footers to your Word documents. What is a Word Header?... Read More >

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