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How to Make Money From Website Flipping

Looking for ways to make money online? Business Owl has come up with 101 ways to do exactly that! Number six on the list – website flipping. What is Website Flipping? Website flipping is one up from domain flipping – developing a website from... Read More >

Five Easy Steps to Magazine Writing for Money

Thinking about a home-based business? Magazine feature writing is one home business idea that can earn you money. Breaking into magazine writing can be hard, but if you can develop resilience, stick to deadlines and give magazine editors what they... Read More >

7 Online Part-Time Business Ideas

Everybody has heard the expression “The world’s your oyster”, right? Well, that may be true, but we prefer to think that the world wide web is your oyster. It’s hard to believe that  eighteen years ago, nobody had even heard of the... Read More >

Top Three Reasons for Intrepid Entrepreneurs Not to Work from Home

Thinking about losing the dreary nine-to-five and becoming a work-at-home entrepreneur? It may be the best decision of your life…or not. Before you tell your boss to shove it, consider these three reasons not to work from home… Working from Home... Read More >

Pretty Useful Business Idea

A beautifully wrapped gift is a joy to receive – and to give – but wrapping presents can be a real bind, particularly during the festive season, when time is at a premium. Of course, there’s a business idea to be found in others’... Read More >

Top 3 Reasons for Savvy Business Owners to Run their Business from Home

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 4.12 million American entrepreneurs run a business from home. Are you considering becoming a work-at-home entrepreneur? Here are Business Owl’s top three reasons to work from home… Working from Home... Read More >

Common Work from Home Scams and How to Avoid Them

Work from home. Once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Earn easy money now. Sound good to you? Before you respond to a work from home job advert like this one, here’s what you need to know about common work from home scams… 1.)  Data Entry Jobs... Read More >

The A-Z of Setting Up Your Small Home Office

Failing to set up a dedicated small home office is cited as one of the top ten mistakes made by home business entrepreneurs. Here’s the A-Z of what you need to succeed in your new small home office… A ADSL Line ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital... Read More >

Earn Money From Home with Only 2 Hours Per Day

Ways to Make Moolah in 120 Minutes How to supplement your income using just a couple of hours a day When times are tough, every cent counts. Lying on the couch watching TV may be relaxing, but it’s not doing anything to fatten up your wallet. If... Read More >

11 Home-Based Business Ideas for Moms

One of motherhood’s greatest dilemmas is whether or not to stop working. For many women, the only choice is to stay at home while the little ones are still young, and wave a cheery goodbye to the corner office.  However, while it is very special... Read More >

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