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We pay for original, high quality business articles.

If you’re a freelance business writer, with expertise in SEO, we would like to hear from you. We require business articles, across a wide variety of business-related topics, on an on-going basis. Please browse this website to get a sense of the content we publish.

What we require of you:

Here at Business Owl, we have high standards. We’re looking for top-notch writers, with a firm grasp of grammar and a linguistic sense of style, with finger-on-the-pulse knowledge of the South African, and global, business environment and an interest in entrepreneurship.

If you do not have an excellent command of the English language, experience as a business writer or experience in writing search engine optimised web content, then you need not apply – we seek suitably experienced individuals only.

Writers must be able to:

  • Write original, quality, genuinely useful content, which is informative and practical – no drivel, please!
  • Write punchy copy in an upbeat, conversational and engaging tone.
  • Write search engine optimised articles – clearly stating the main keywords (1-3) for which the article is optimised, at the end of the article, along with a keyword count.  Please use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for keyword research.
  • Write to word count and meet deadlines – this is non-negotiable!

Articles should:

  • Make use of useful, practical resources and examples in articles – providing readers with tools and resources to grow or improve their business, as well as practical examples to illustrate certain points.
  • Be referenced correctly – use credible sources, and include research studies, journal articles, expert opinion and professional or internationally-recognised organisations. Please do not use mass article websites as a reference or source of information. Where you can, consult primary sources.
  • Be presented in the correct journalistic format – Times New Roman, 12-point, single-spacing, and word count, please.

Further Important Points:

  • Websites referenced in your story must include links to the website. Please tag these links in the body copy. Please include full URLs.  Please provide good anchor text, which includes identified keywords.
  • Books cited in your story must include Title, Author(s) and Publisher references, e.g. ‘Run your own Business and Make Lots of Money – Eric Parker & Kurt Illetschko (Frontrunner Publishing).’
  • Any case studies cited should be explained fully for the reader and correctly cited, with appropriate links
  • If you cite a particular organisation or institution, provide a short description (a few words) about what the organisation is and does, to orientate the reader, e.g. ‘Smaato, a US-based mobile applications and advertising company,  found that South Africa had the highest click-through rates.’
  • At the top of the first page of your story, please cite the strapline for which your article is intended, its working title (we’ll provide this information in article briefs), plus author name, date and email address
  • Please note that we use English (UK) spelling
  • Articles should not have grammar and punctuation issues
  • Each article should be presented in a separate Word document
  • The article you submit must be your original work. This will be verified through plagiarism software.
  • Please note that your article may be edited before publishing
  • Should we accept your article for publication, you grant our company (Limelight Websites) sole publishing rights of the article. Article excerpts may appear on your website as a reference only.
  • Once your article has been accepted and any revisions made, you will be requested to invoice us.  You must have a South African Bank Account or PayPal account.
  • PLEASE NOTE that Business Owl reserves the right to reject substandard submissions without payment

Whew…we are fussy! If you’re up for the challenge of being a Business Owl writer, here’s what we offer you:

  • Prompt payment (within three days) of articles, with payment ranging from R350-R1000
  • Writer exposure via a short author byline, with a link to your website and social media profiles

Want to try your hand at an article brief?

  • Please email: info@businessowl.co.za
  • Please include an author cover letter – telling us a bit about who you are, and what you’ve done – and three writing clips of previously published pieces

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