Are you part of the Twitterverse? If you’ve got a decent following, why not leverage it to make money online? Here, Business Owl shows you how to monetise your Twitter with these five platforms

#1 MyLikes

MyLikes claims to be web and social media’s largest advertising platform. MyLikes allows you to earn money by tweeting about products that you like. All you do is select a campaign you like – and which best fits your own Twitter audience – from their extensive campaign list, pen and post a tweet or two about that campaign and get paid (via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards) every time it receives clicks or views.

#2 Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform which connects advertisers with tweeters – think of it as the eBay of tweets. Tweeters create a profile on Sponsored Tweets, choosing a category and providing keywords to guide the types of campaigns they’re interested in tweeting about, and then wait for offers to come in from advertisers. Advertisers will pay you for each tweet you make on their behalf.

#3 Pay4Tweet

Pay4Tweet is an online market place for buying and selling tweets. Or more specifically, it sells advertising opportunities using tweets – in other words, advertisers pay a premium to post advertising messages, contained in a tweet, in your timeline. You set the price and give them permission to use your Twitter as ad space, and the advertiser controls the content.

#4 Become an Amazon Affiliate

Signing up to the Amazon Associates Program allows you to link to Amazon products, thereby referring your followers on to those products. Earn a commission each time someone buys the product after following your link.

#5 Flattr

Add money to your likes, encourages Flattr! The premise is to flatter creators of great content by rewarding them with a donation for their Tweets. To receive money from ‘flattrers’ though, you must also join up.