So you can use Facebook to make money online and not just to wile away the hours seeing what your Facebook friends are getting up to? Admittedly, Facebook doesn’t present as many money-making opportunities as some other social media sites, but it can be done. This is Business Owl’s selection of the best ways to make money from your Facebook

#1 MyLikes

Remember MyLikes for Twitter, the platform which allows you to earn money by tweeting about products that you like? Now, there’s a MyLike Facebook application, too. The premise remains the same – you get paid for comments you post to Facebook regarding your chosen MyLike campaign every time someone clicks or views it.

#2 Get a Facebook Shopping Cart

Use the Ecwid application to add a shopping cart to your personal Facebook profile or company Facebook page. Simply log on to your Facebook, open up the Ecwid application and click the ‘Add store to your page’ button. Ecwid will do the rest. Et voilà – now you can facilitate sales of your products and service to 1 billion Facebook users!

#3 Sell Video Content

Are you an aspiring television or film producer or director? Use Screenburn to upload and sell your video content to your Facebook friends or fans. If they like the header image and description of your documentary/stand-up comedy/music video, they can pay-on-demand via credit card or PayPal.   There are two provisos, though – your content needs to be original and clean enough to show your mom (no copyright infringements or adult entertainment, please!).

#4 ‘Facebook Flipping’

It has no official moniker yet, but it’s the Facebook equivalent of domain flipping  – creating a Facebook profile name and then selling it on to interested parties for a princely sum.