Shares in Hargreaves Lansdown are currently trading at 1514.5p.

Hargreaves Lansdown offers several account options, including an investing account with Interactive Investor, an online investing platform, and a fund supermarket account. You can also access share dealing services through the Hargreaves Lansdown fund and share accounts with the Hargreaves Lansdown. The Share Centre account is one of the most popular options for investors in the UK and offers a low cost, flexible investment account that handles, manages and holds a wide range of investments. Investments can be held in HL accounts, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds and other investment accounts. There is also a viable alternative to Hargreaves Lansdown as it is cheaper for investors to hold shares, but carries a flat annual charge regardless of the amount invested and does not charge exit fees, as most would do.

Over time, Hargreaves Lansdown plans to offer an active savings service, but overall it will improve so it can be used as an ISA or retirement savings account, rather than just a savings account.

If you are unsure, invest in Hargreaves Lansdown by putting in a small amount so you can increase your investment at any time or switch to an existing portfolio at a later date. Make sure to check the fees and interest rates listed on the website for details. If you are thinking of using this to get income from your pension through a drawdown plan, read our comparison of the costs of doing so. Also read the comparison between investing platforms to see the difference between the cost of investing at Hargreave’s and the other options on the market

If you want to compare the rates offered by Hargreaves Lansdown Active Savings with the rest of the market, use our best savings tables.

Hargreaves’ online platform offers the next level of service, which you can find here, but only on the brokers’ websites and on the fund supermarket’s website. The default quote page has the following tab for research, and you can view charts in a variety of formats, such as the table below. In the UK we find the best deals on the market as well as a range of other options available to you.

As well as the market news, Hargreaves Lansdown has a list of the top trading shares and a financial diary to keep an eye on. Additional benefits of being included in HL include the ability to report on research and access a range of sectors that are reported, such as equities, bonds, currencies and commodities. But most importantly, we are pleased to have the broker’s forecasts on the HL Research tab, which will give you an insight into the market outlook for the next 12 months and the current state of the markets.

You can launch a Hargreaves Lansdown share and investment Isa and top it up with a debit card at any time. There are a number of benefits to this, such as being able to buy Sipps, which many other investing platforms do not.

Hargreaves operates a range of managed funds and for those looking for a more personalised service, it offers its own portfolio management service where financial advisers can build and manage your portfolio to suit your needs. If you like to pay for premium services and your customer appreciates all the ring-fencing and whistling, then Hargreaves Lansdown offers a solid core service.

When it comes to investment options, Hargreaves Lansdown is a good choice for those looking for a ready-made portfolio, but it doesn’t restrict your choice of investments. Its services include investing in an ISA or SIPP account, a self-invested personal pension, and it offers a cash management service called Active Savings. SIPP allows you to choose from more than 2,500 funds and invest in companies such as the FTSE 100, S & P 500 and the top 10 UK stock markets.

Hargreaves Lansdown is also a stockbroker, meaning it offers the chance to buy and hold individual shares on its platform. To buy shares in Hargreaves you need an account that trades shares, such as an ISA or SIPP account, or a personal pension.

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It is easy to set up a Hargreaves Lansdown ISA or SIPP account, which gives you access to all the main Isas, accounts and services that your employer offers. Share dealing services can be very useful if you want to take out a SIPP, alongside many other investment platforms. The following information gives you a quick overview of some of these services, as well as some information about the company itself.