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One of the world’s top ten franchises, SPAR is a supermarket chain focusing on providing customers with value-for-money products and good, friendly service. Whilst still emphasising the qualities of the SPAR brand, each SPAR franchise has its own unique character.  Owners are encouraged to make use of SPAR’s buying power, but are also empowered to source products from local suppliers. In addition to selling South Africa’s favourite brands, Spar markets its own range of high quality, competitively priced SPAR Brand Products.

Company Background

With the 1960's emergence of grocery chains in South Africa, a group of 8 wholesalers was given the exclusive rights to the SPAR name in 1963, to service 500 small retailers.

Spar has three store formats, which are, SPAR for neighbourhood shopping, SUPERSPAR for one-stop, competitively priced, bulk shopping and KWIKSPAR for every day convenience, cater more than adequately for all your shopping preferences. SPAR operates under "voluntary trading" principles which means that while they encourage their retailers to take advantage of SPAR's trading power, their retailers can source goods from local traders. That is why each store has its own regional personality. Today the SPAR Group Ltd operates 6 distribution centres, supplies goods and services to almost 800 SPAR stores in South Africa. The SPAR Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2005.

Reasons to Join our Franchise
  1. Be apart of our national advertising support including TV, radio and press support
  2. Spar can assist you with award-winning store design and imagery package
  3. The SPAR Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2005.
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