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Run your own business and make lots of money

Author: Eric Parker | Category:

Since it was first published in 2003, Run Your Own Business and Make Lots of Money has become the definitive guide to setting up and managing a small business in South Africa. As the economic and legislative environment has changed, so the book has gone through numerous revisions and reprints. To date over 25,000 copies have been sold.

The latest revision of Run Your Own Business and Make Lots of Money does not only include the most recent legislative information, resources lists, and hot tips on making a success of a new business. It also includes full-colour photographs, drawings, information boxes and cartoons that will guide your through the process visually! Although the look has changed and the information has been updated, one thing remains constant: in simple language interspersed with anecdotes and examples, readers will learn how to start a business, how to make lots of money, and how to have fun along the way.



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