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What is a Master Franchisee?

Frequently Asked Questions about buying and selling a franchise Heard the terms ‘master franchisee’ and ‘master franchise’, but not really sure what they mean? Read on to find out more… What is a master franchisee? A master franchisee is a... Read More >

Should I put my Franchise on Facebook?

Frequently Asked Questions about social media marketing and franchises  If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful way to promote your franchise, consider putting your franchise on Facebook. Here’s why and how… What is Facebook? If you... Read More >

Can I Get a Qualification in Franchising?

Frequently Asked Questions about franchise training Study to be a franchisee? Yes, you can! An increasingly popular field of study overseas, educational institutes are teaching eager wannabe or existing franchisees all they need to know about owning... Read More >

How Do I Resolve Franchise Conflict?

Frequently Asked Questions about Franchisor-Franchisee Relations A franchisee-franchisor relationship is like a marriage, and should be treated as such. That’s according to leading Australian franchisees*. Just like marriages, franchise... Read More >

Would I Make a Successful Franchisee?

Frequently Asked Questions about Franchising Thinking about going into the franchise business? If you’ve got business skills, energy, drive and money to invest, it could be just the ticket. However, before you leap into a franchise agreement,... Read More >

Should my Franchise be on Twitter?

Frequently Asked Questions about social media marketing and franchises In tough times, it’s more important than ever to market your franchise. With advertising costs so high,  I’m sure you are wondering should my Franchise be on Twitter?... Read More >

Extra Staff for the Holidays?

Hiring Casual Workers for Your Franchise Over the festive season, many franchises – including retail franchises and fast food and restaurant franchises – experience a boom in business which requires more hands on deck. Here’s what you should... Read More >

How Can I Compensate My Franchise Staff for Overtime?

Time Off Versus Overtime Pay With increased trading hours and some staff members on leave, many franchises will be stretched operationally during the festive season. This means that other employees will be covering for their colleagues and, quite... Read More >

How Do I Register My Business?

Take Note: There Have Been Some Changes! In 2011, the Companies Act. No. 71 of 2008 replaced both the Companies Act of 1973 and the Close Corporations Act of 1984. In addition to defining new business entities in South Africa, the new legislation... Read More >

What’s the Difference Between a Product Distribution Franchise and a Business Format Franchise?

Frequently Asked Questions about Franchise Formats: If you’re considering entering the franchise market – either by franchising your own business or by buying into a franchise – you’ve no doubt come across the terms ‘business format... Read More >

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