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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise?

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise ? It’s all about asking the right questions… Are you trying to decide on what kind of Franchise to buy? There are various points that one needs to consider before making any kind of decision.... Read More >

Marketing your Franchise Online – Part 2

Marketing your Franchise Online – Part 2: Making sure your website is visible and user-friendly In our second part of “Marketing Your Franchise Online” we take a look at websites and how to get the best results from them. The first... Read More >

Franchise Ideas

Louise’s Franchise Ideas: Franchise Ideas to Ponder! Here are a few of my Franchise Concept Ideas. Remember that franchising is not an overnight process by any means and growth and expansion happens over years. Once you have at least one... Read More >

Points to Consider when Purchasing a Franchise

Points to Consider when Purchasing a Franchise: 6 Important Points Purchasing a franchise is an investment in your own business and therefore it carries a risk, like any other investment. In this newsletter, we’ll look at the following factors... Read More >

Creating a Great Logo and Tagline

Creating a Great Logo and Tagline: Your first step to branding! Branding is like a detailed description of your business – the way a customer sees or perceives your business, not just in words but in images, emotions and senses. Good branding... Read More >

How to Promote a Fast Food Franchise

How to Promote a Fast Food Franchise: Ten Promotions Ideas to Try at your Fast Food Outlet Has business been a little on the sluggish side at your fast food franchise? Quit blaming the recession; it’s time to get you’re A into G and... Read More >

Green Franchises

Green Franchises: What you need to know about buying green According to the Environmental Business Journal, a publication which provides strategic information and market forecasts for business, green businesses have been growing at a rate of... Read More >

World’s Top Ten Franchises

World’s Top Ten Franchises: Ever wondered how they got to be the best? In a recent article, we talked about what makes a good franchise. The world’s top franchises have, amongst other things, a strong brand, a great concept, a solid... Read More >

Five Franchise Trends for 2012

Five Franchise Trends for 2012: Where to invest and why These days franchises come in all shapes and sizes. From work at home business opportunities and kids franchises to fast food franchises, those of us looking for franchise investment... Read More >

Ten Hallmarks of a Good Franchise

Ten Hallmarks of a Good Franchise What makes a good franchise? Franchises are often held up as shining examples of businesses which cannot fail. However, according to a report on franchising by the US Small Business Administration, while there are... Read More >

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