Hiring Casual Workers for Your Franchise

Over the festive season, many franchises – including retail franchises and fast food and restaurant franchises – experience a boom in business which requires more hands on deck. Here’s what you should know about taking on extra staff over the holidays…

  • Carefully weigh up the Return on Investment – do you think that the sales the extra pair of hands will garner justifies the expenses involved in hiring additional personnel?
  • Look to hire casual workers with long-term potential, either that you can use again as and when the need arises, or who you could hire full-time sometime down the line – this will maximise your expenditure on training and grooming them
  • Make sure that person fits your franchise’s company culture and adds to the brand experience, even if for a short period
  • Offering slightly more than industry average wages should attract a better class of candidate, rather than the average Sloppy Jo casual holiday worker, who can do your business more harm than good
  • Ensure that holiday workers are adequately trained and have a few shifts under their belt before the real holiday rush begins.