Whether you are running a small business or you are just starting out growing your business from the start can be a hard task. Although you may use different kinds of techniques and marketing strategies, you surely have to spend some time and exert a considerable amount of time and effort. Thankfully, these tedious and challenging processes have now been made easier through the use of technology. But how can you use technology in your small business? Here are some of the ways.

1. Remain productive with the right tool

Productivity in business generally involves getting and using the right tools, automating them and getting things done faster. While you might think that you need a lot of money to change your workflow and current system, this should not be the case. You can just decide to use project management tool or time tracking software to improve the running of your small business.

2. Apply the power of cloud

In the recent times, cloud systems have increasingly become in high demand. Using cloud will not only cater for more storage but also space for your business. This is true especially if you are running a business that involves handling more documents and files. You could actually use these clouds to store your data files and documents in soft copies.

3. Measure everything

Due to technology you can now analyze everything that you are doing online. From how prospective client visits your site, what actions he takes and what contents performs best. Analytics will also help you to monitor the cost per conversion, the bounce rate and the rest of the main metrics that leads to better ranking and more sales.

4. Take advantage of the social media

Nowadays social media has become a very powerful tool that many small business use. More notably in the small business and the internet sector, social media has proved to be a very effective and efficient way to accomplish things such as increasing the prospects and target audience. It has also boosted the expansion of marketing strategies and techniques and led to gains in opportunities and possibilities in matters relating to income, profit and growth. It’s, therefore, very important to harness the power of the social media.

5. Video walls

As they strive to make profit, business owners usually face different challenges. While several challenges exist, marketing is one of their main concerns since it determines the level of profitability that a business can reach. As compared to other marketing strategies video walls is perhaps one of the most effective technologies to use. This is because they are flexible and captures the clients’ attention. Any small business should therefore use video marketing strategy.

There are a host of key technologies and other software programs out there that you can use to improve your business. These are just 5 ways that you can use technology but once you make it your habit to stay up to date, you will not only gain more perspective but will also greatly grow your business. Try them out today and see your small business expand.

Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at Userful.com, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.